Harmaline | Faith | Album cover


“…like a feather we float and drift. We pray for the wind while we’re falling to the ground…”

Track List

1 – BDSM

2 – If You were here

3 – Cold Pin

4 – Faith

5 – Consequences

6 – Waterboard (Faith Edition)

“Faith” is an introspective journey through sensations and emotions related to anxieties during transitions. It’s an epitome of the fall of some dogmatic certainties.

Viviana Iannone // vocals
Luca Scarselletta // bass
Simone Sfolcini // drums
Luca Ferrari // guitar,synth

All songs written by Harmaline (Luca Ferrari // Viviana Iannone // Simone Sfolcini // Luca Scarselletta)

Illustrations, Handwritings – La Vee
PH – Tommaso Canciani
Recorded-Mixed-Prod by Enea Bardi – Monostudio (MI)
Studio Assistants: Davide Zaina; Andrea Ferronato
Mastered by Giovanni Versari РLa Maestà

Produced by Harmaline – Black Feathers Rec.

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