Harmaline | This Cage | videoclip preview event
I am glad to announce you our brand new videoclip release event. 18 | 10 | 2018  | 21:30 UTC +2:00 | The streaming event...
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Harmaline | Galleries | Reelin’ in the years
"Reelin' in the years" photo gallery is now available. We'll reload some possible pasts up there. Miss you. Follow the link: https://harmaline.net/index.php/bio/  
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Harmaline | Blue Sky | Release
Our new song "Blue Sky" is out. It's our homage to childhood. Under deep Blue Sky we find what we've lost. |Release Page | |Lyrics | |Listen|...
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Harmaline | Diary #1
4 a.m Late night, early morning Ending up a new Harmaline's track!!! I'm working in my home studio. Mix things are going on. It should...
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Harmaline | A Thousand Pictures | 1Year
A year ago "A Thousand Pictures" was released. After some time, a song may take on a different meaning in its own composer's eyes. It's...
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