Lyrics | Faith | Consequences

Harmaline | Consequences

Do you see,
what have you done?
your needs have been
Do you hear,
the voice of your conscience?
you seem to be deaf
you won’t listen to it
’cause sometimes you need to escape
from your empty life
Have you seen her?
Black dead eyes
bright light dressed
Sometimes she needs to escape
from this love
to protect herself
You play wih no consequences
it’s going to be harder
You’re loosing your senses
She plays with no consequences
there is no feeling
no way for dreaming
What about you?
What are you fighting for?
you seem to be rich
What would you want to exchange?
In your dreams
you were a good girl
now you thirst for him
selling your body
The game of the consequences
They’re going to be damaged
They’re loosing their senses
Playing with no consequences
With no involvement
Be sure you will not be hurt

© Harmaline

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